1st The International Conference Pharmaceutical Care

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 Rational drug therapy which based on the appropriate drug choices for the right patient in the precise time and dosage is the aim of pharmaceutical care. Meanwhile, drug response maybe variable between individuals and become a hindrance to achieve desired goal of therapy. It’s already recognized that the genetic differences between people contribute to the variation in drug response. Genetic factors may account for between 20 to 95% of the observed variation in drug response between individuals. There are two main groups of genes that affect drug response. First group are influencing pharmacokinetics properties of drugs, while the second group are affecting pharmacodynamics properties of drugs.

Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics are some branches  of  pharmacology that focused on the effects of genetic variation to the responses of drug therapy. The term ‘pharmacogenetics’ specifically address genetic contribution to individual variability in drug therapy. Availability of complete human genome sequence has made it possible to analyze the impacts of variations in human genome sequence on the pathogenesis of disease and response to the drug therapy.  The main goals of genomics approach in clinical area, especially in drug therapy are minimizing toxicity and improving efficacy, so that in the near future individualized drug therapy” can be achieved.

Department of Pharmacy, University Muhammadiyah of Malang intend to hold an International Conference on the topic of “NEW DEVELOPMENT OF PHARMACEUTICAL CARE IN PHARMACOGENETIC AND PHARMACOGENOMIC APPROACH”. This international conference will facilitate the lecturer, researcher, and students in the field of clinical pharmacy and related subjects to improve their knowledge and skills.